Aimandu Agriculture Commodities Limited [AACL] is a 100% Papua New Guinea Nationally Owned Small Holder Family Vanilla Farm Company. Its Family Vanilla Farms are located in "Central Gawanga" in Gawanga Local-Level Government Area of Ambunti Dreikikir District in East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.

The Company is a newly established Agriculture Commodities Export Company. It was Incorporated as a Limited Company with the Investment Promotion Authority of Papua New Guinea on the 27th November 2017. The Company Management consist of a Company Chairman who is also a Director, a Company Secretary and another Director.

Currently, the Company's sole Objective is to Grow, Harvest, Sort, Process "Organic Vanilla" from its own Family Vanilla Farm and Export The Premium Products to our interested buyers overseas. Our Premium Products are categorised as (1) Tahitensis "A" Grade (15 - 21 cm) Super Black Vanilla Beans, (2) "B" Grade (10 - 14.9 cm) Super Black Vanilla Beans and (3) Plantifolia Super Black.

Our Company refuses or rejects itself from dealing with the In-country "Middle Men" buyers who will approach us to buy our processed vanilla and/or buy Green Vanilla Beans from our Vanilla Fields. As we have our own Export Licence issued by the PNG Spice Industries Board, we will export our Premium Organic Vanilla Products to our established markets overseas. We want to concentrate our effort in maintaining the QUALITY and exporting our processed quality or "Premium Organic Vanilla Products" straight from our Family Vanilla Farms to our valued buyers overseas. We are discouraging sale of "Vanilla Green Beans" from our Family Vanilla Fields to any In-country Middle Men buyers of Green Beans.

Any overseas (International) buyers out there who would want to do business with us at our Familly Vanilla Fields, can communicate to us on this business address, numbers and email:

                   Aimandu Agriculture Commodities Limited

                   P. O. Box 911

                   WEWAK, ESP

                   Papua New Guinea

                   Contact Numbers: (675) 76315334 / 78100641

                   Email Address:


Thank you for your interest in wanting to do business with us.











Sample processed Super Black Beans sent to Linz City Vienna, Austria Europe

Post PNG personnel preparing the sample and necessary documentations for shipment.

Packed Vanilla Samples ready for Shipment vis EMS Wewak Branch.

This is our Company Logo

Vanilla Samples sent to Jakarta to test for Vanaline Content.

It is surely "Green Gold"!